The Team!


Founder, Developer, & Skinner - [email protected]

Hey, I'm Hubz! - I'm the founder of Eclipsedteam and the creator of quite a bit here on Eclipsedteam! I work on Skins, Maps, and Programs!


Skinner & Founder - Formerly known as 5pla77er - [email protected]

Hey everyone! I'm Matthew, and I work on Skins in Eclipsedteam. I help with the little things such as sounds, gameplay UI, and more!



Hi, I'm BradCubed! I'm a lead developer for osu!trigen!

Nyaxe / Niyaxe


Yo everybody. I'm Nyaxe, I make maps for fun and help with all sorts of things mostly when an opinion is needed. It's all a learning experience!


Mapper & Tester

Hey gamers, I'm ChromaBlast. I'm mostly on the playing side of osu!, but I can work wonders with google sheets. I also test a lot of skins for the team!