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We make stuff! Like artwork, programs, tools, and more! If your searching for osu! skins to improve your gameplay, or just fun moving triangles to use in the background of a stream, we've got you covered!

Top Applications & Skins


osu!trigen is an "application" coded in unity, it generates moving triangles in the style of osu!'s triangles from the bottom of the screen upwards. It includes custom colours, triangle options, and even custom triangles!


Ruby is a fully original, STD complete osu skin, with simple but really well working gameplay elements and basic but amazing looking interface.

Dashed v2

Dashed is the second version of our first skin, it has brand new gameplay and UI elements.

(and is much better because it was made 5 months later)

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These aint all we got! We got plenty more that you might enjoy checking out!