Ruby is a fully original, STD complete osu! skin, with simple but really well working gameplay elements and basic but amazing looking interface.

Dashed V2!

The next generation of the Dashed skin! The original Dashed skin, but with new stuff, improvements, and much, much more!


Simplify is an easy-to-read skin that makes focusing on gameplay easier, it has been announced recently and is now available for download!


Trilated is a skin based on the famous triangles design that is everywhere in osu!lazer, now with a fancier design and on osu!stable!


Dashed is the skin that started it all, designed by Hubz and then moved onto the team, this skin is a combination between performance and looks.


Featuring a high tech design, and awesome gameplay! Keep in mind that right now the skin is still in a WIP state and has not reached a final release yet. But dont worry! You can always grab a beta release!