Dashed V2 is the Next generation of Dashed.

Based off the original Dashed skin, but with many, many bug fixes, updates, and just general changes to make your usage of the Dashed skin better.

How to install a Beta Build/Pre-Release

Step 1: Download the .zip file here.

Step 2: Head to your osu! folder, which can be found by heading to Options in-game, and clicking on Open osu! folder

Step 3: Head to the Skins folder, and extract the Dashed-V2-master zip file into that folder.

Step 4: Return to osu!, then on your keyboard, hit Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S in any area of osu!, and then the skin should pop up in your skins list.

Questions you might ask:

Why can't I get a .osk?

At the moment, Dashed V2 is still in development, so no .osks are being released. So for now, you'll just need to work with a .zip.

I found an issue/bug! How do I report it?

Easy! Just head to the Issues page, and tell us your problem!

When is the final release of Dashed V2 coming out?

Probably very soon! As we're just about ready to release it.